Summer Reading Program 2021

The New York Mills Public Library presents Book Bingo!

Bingo cards will be available online here and at the library before June 26.

How does Book Bingo work?
– Get a Bingo card online or at the library.
– Read material to match boxes on your card and fill in or mark the boxes.
– When you get five in a row – across, down, or diagonally, turn in your Bingo card at the library and get a prize.
– At the end of the program, the completed Bingo cards will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates to bookstores.
– The program will run for 8 weeks, from June 28 through August 21.

Prizes we have so far are brag tags and small cloth string backpacks.

Stay tuned for details of library programs in collaboration with the Village Parks Program!

Call or email us at 315-736-5391 or

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