Curbside Service


1. Call 315-736-5391 or fill out the online Contact Us form to ask for a specific title, or for items by author or in a genre. Or, use the online catalog to place a hold. For items at our library, we will pull them from the shelves in the early evening. For items at other libraries, it may take 10-14 days or longer to be delivered to our library.

Please give us your telephone number in the contact us form.

2. Staff will notify you when the item(s) are ready.

Please pick up as soon as possible, within a few days, or within 1 day for popular movies. Call us when you arrive in the back parking lot.

3. Staff will bring the items to your car and place them on the back passenger side seat or in the trunk. If you are walking, staff will place the items on top of the book drop for you to take.

Return all items to one of the book drops. If the title that you want is checked out, staff can place a hold on it for you, if we own it.

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